Monday, 12 February 2007

Hi, My very dear friend Emma keeps telling me to set up a Blog to show you my paintings. I'm having a go today, I hope it will improve over the next few weeks. Emma's is a great friend and can be found at , Emma Herian. She does some really lovey hand made textiles, so take a look. If you want to comment on my work or enquire about my other paintings, exhibitions or purchasing, please email me.
Thanks for looking, Chrissy


Hi! and welcome to my blog. I am a professional artists working and living in Brighton. I have set up this blog as a place where people can look at my paintings and learn a bit more about me as an artist. If you want to comment on my work or enquire about my other paintings, exhibitions or purchasing, please e-mail me. Also, please take a look at my website or go to an exciting friendly contemporary gallery currently representing my work.
Thanks for looking, Chrissy.

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Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom
ABOUT MY WORK For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with the visual world and my art is a way to express what I sense and feel. The special qualities in oil paints evoke a deep need in me to embrace the material and become absorbed and sensitive to their capabilities. Studying art concentrated my interest and was a chance to delve into art history and find out which artists, if any, I had an affinity with. I’ve since become more knowledgeable and appreciative of many genres in art. My niche seems to fit in abstract expressionism and spiritual realism.I am drawn to the beauty of nature in particular, colour, light and space.Oil paints have extraordinary qualities and I’m continually exploring these to build towards an exciting finish in my work. Sometimes employing the skills and knowledge from my ceramic past to add clay molochite and other elements to the paint to build depth and give structure to the painting. My work is built in layers giving an important sense of history to each piece.Preparation will involve experiment with my own photo archives and computer manipulation to discover exciting compositions and colour balance. website.